The platform for facility agents

Switch to digital loan management to increase value creation

Make your loan management process easier by centralizing all loans, parties and documents on a single platform.


Through digitalization & portfolio consolidation, be more efficient, reduce risks of errors and improve tracability.

A platform adressing the specific needs of agents

A digital solution for a smooth management and monitoring of your loans

Digital loan management for greater efficiency
Digitalize loan portfolios and automate workflows. Manage all your deals from a unique platform by connecting all stakeholders to Altgency.
Monitor borrowers’ compliance
Connect to your dashboard to get an accurate view of upcoming credit events, pending requests & overdue documents. Manage your waivers & chasers 100% online.
Generate instant audit trails for compliance
Use our audit trail feature to get a comprehensive and immediate access to the history of all credit events and actions related to your transactions.
Organize team work
Get an overiew of the workload of your team, split by employee. Anticipate potential bottlenecks and re-assign tasks in a transparent & efficient manner.
Keep cap table and banking pools updated
Register and pilot all changes in banking syndicates through Altgency, not excel sheets. Keep updated records of lenders' commitments and mail recipients.
Make no compromise on security
Implement our 4-eye check feature to maintain the same level of verification for data input. Improve reliability by centralizing these data on a single platform.

Make sure deadlines are met


Key loan covenants as well as contact lists are generally scattered between various banking IT systems. As a result, it can be complex and time-consuming to reconcile deadlines or reach out to the relevant persons in due time.


For each transaction, Altgency consolidates all key parameters and stakeholders. Calendars are generated subsequently to facilitate the coordinating roles of facility agents throughout deal tenor.

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