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Embrace the new financing standards for real assets

Being able to provide reliable data on credit history, financial performances and ESG compliance has become a must to get access to competitive capital.


Altgency enables corporates to map their covenant obligations and structure their key financial & operational data. They can be subsequently processed to support new investment decisions and ease reporting burden.


When data & compliance support new business

A single platform to avoid redundancies and improve knowledge management 

Manage all your loans in one place
Gain a comprehensive view of your loan portfolio. Analyse your banking syndicates and compare key terms & conditions thanks to our loan aggregator module.
Digitalize all reporting workflows & key data
Generate your calendar to pilot your reporting obligations. Build your data lake thanks to the digitalization of your compliance certificates, asset, insurance & ESG reports.
Digital management of documents and KYCs
Use our proprietary dataroom to make documents available to your financing partners in a single, secured place. Manage access to your data through our access control system.
Make & finance advised investments
Leverage on your credit history to support new investment decisions. Demonstrate past & future compliance to attract new capital
Extract valuable data for your board and creditors
Consolidate your data and generate reliable reportings for your stakeholders. Use a single database to provide each of them with detailled insights on your asset & financial performances
Enhance communication and trust with all parties
Large syndicated loans involve many stakeholders. Data sharing through altgency facilitates communication and data reconciliation between all parties.
corporate kyc

Share KYC documents with bank syndicates and investors


Banks & investors generally require the same KYC documents. However and unfortunately, their requests are generally made at different times, leading to repeated and time-consuming phone calls and e-mails for your finance team.


With Altgency's proprietary dataroom, you can upload all your KYC documents in a single and secured place, accessible at all time by the finance partners of your choice.

Easy to install - Integrates with all your applications

Altgency allows you to connect your loan & equity data with almost every apps. APIs are available on demand.

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