The platform for banks/investors

Improve your risk monitoring. Protect the value of your portfolio.

Get access to reliable & trusted data to improve the monitoring of your loan/investment portfolio. 


Get valuable financial & non financial insights on your counterparties to support new investment decisions and engage with other stakeholders.

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Data-based finance decisions and portfolio management

Continuous and comprehensive monitoring to anticipate risks, protect portfolio value and make new investments

Improve your access to data
Get immediate access to reliable data, natively input and validated by their owners. Retrieve easily all documents related to your deals through our secured dataroom.
Fine tune your risk matrix and analysis
Compare your underlying investments and assess their fit with your lending/investment guidelines. Generate statistics of counterparties’ compliance with their reporting obligations
Protect the value of your portfolio
Identify and anticipate the key risks in your portfolio. Engage with your counterparties to take remedial actions before an event of defaults occurs.
Improve reportings for management/LPs
Enrich the content and improve the reliability of your reportings. Configure and generate customized reports for your stakeholders from a single database.
Increase the liquidity of your portfolio
Leverage on reliability and immutability of loan data to make your secondary selldown easier. Give access to your syndication team to accelerate due diligences.
Generate new business opportunities
Be a pro-active lender/investor and engage with counterparts to understand their key drivers. Improve your access to market knowledge.
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Keep track of your portfolio


Lenders and investors are requested to build a diversified portfolio and pro-actively monitor their exposures. A task that is getting more and more challenging because of the growing number of transactions and indicators.


Altgency consolidates all your deals & counterparties on a single platform. You can collect all relevant data - in due time - to perform you risk analysis. And take action if need be.

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