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Our seasoned team of finance and IT experts are available to facilitate onboarding & accelerate value creation.


With a smooth transition from your existing IT systems and for immediate value creation for your company. 




Professional & corporate services

Expert advices for smooth onboarding and immediate value creation

Onboarding/Staff training
Training sessions are available for all your employees, at onboarding and throughout your contract. A comprehensive & illustrated user guide is also available directly on the platform.
Data input & Deal history
You can grant temporary access to your deals to Altgency asset-finance team. We can input relevant data on your behalf, be it for new deals or for historical data related to closed transactions.
Platform customization
Altgency platform can be customized to integrate your visual identity. Tailor-made features, factsheets, specific audit trails and reports can also be developed on demand to meet your needs.
Altgency IT service department is available to develop all the relevant APIs to connect your existing IT systems with our platform.
Third-party validator
Altgency asset-finance team can also act as third party validator to confirm the accuracy of selected data. Thereby increasing trust between all parties and reliability of data input on the platform.
Customer support
Our clients benefit from continuous assistance and maintenance services. A dedicated hotline is available to support customers and provide appropriate advices, if need be.

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